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Four pillars. Our sustainability program

Values: We are a family business with long‑term perspective.

Environment: We cultivate the conscious use of natural resources to help protect the environment.

People: We are committed to society and take care of our people.

Innovation: We innovate for a better life.

Core values. Business ethics and integrity

As a family enterprise, we think and act with a clear focus on long-term goals and reinvest for the future. It also goes without saying that we comply with the applicable laws and other legal requirements in every country we do business in, an condemn any form of corrupt, anti-competitive conduct, or otherwise illegal behavior. Everywhere we operate, we respect human rights.

We joined the UN Global Compact in July 2023 to be part of the global movement of sustainable businesses and stakeholders, who are working to create the world we would like to have. To live up to our corporate social responsibility, we are committed to increasingly incorporating the 10 principles of the Global Compact into our strategies, directives, and procedures..


我们的承诺。 为了所有人的健康

作为一家全球性经营企业,我们致力于联合国 2030 年可持续发展议程,并通过我们的可持续发展计划支持可持续发展目标 (SDG)。我们积极支持 SDG 的选择并使我们的专注点与其保持一致,即尽全力通过我们的工作为可持续发展目标的成功实现做出贡献。

针对我们的一个特定目标是 SDG3,其旨在确保健康生活,促进所有人和所有年龄段的健康——直接指向我们的业务核心。

Christoph Messmer

Company voices

We want to make a real contribution to climate protection and have actively decided to reduce all three scopes of greenhouse gas emissions, so not only those we cause directly, but also indirectly.

Christoph Messmer

Director of Compliance,
Part of the team since 2021

The future's at stake. Protecting our environment

Economic success is important for every company, but so is the future. Hamilton Medical belongs to the Hamilton group of companies, which started measuring its total carbon footprint in 2021 and has set targets for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. These have been submitted to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a worldwide movement of more than 4,000 companies taking action against climate change. We are already listed on their website and our targets are awaiting publication by SBTi.

Hamilton Medical Inc. Reno;装有光伏系统的楼顶

A binding commitment. To reducing emissions

Our calculation and reporting process is based on The Greenhouse Gas Protocol. According to this standard, which is the most widely used worldwide for greenhouse gas accounting, GHG emissions are divided into direct (scope 1) and indirect (scope 2 and 3) emissions.

Compared to a 2020 baseline, we are committed to reducing scope 1 and scope 2 emissions by 42%, and the CO2 intensity of our scope 3 emissions by 52%. All of that by 2030.

Hamilton Medical Inc. Reno;装有光伏系统的楼顶

以太阳为动力。 我们的光伏系统

在我们的瑞士场所,我们利用光伏系统满足我们的部分能量需求。2021 年,我们正在利用光伏系统满足我们的部分能量需求。2021 年,我们能够生产 320,000 kWh 清洁电力供我们自己使用。此外,我们利用地下水加热或冷却我们的营业场所,并尽可能避免使用空调。



减少 12 吨。 每年塑料用量

过去,我们的流量传感器管路是卷绕在塑料筒上交付的。这些塑料筒是一次性的,无法重复使用。仅在一年里,就累积超过 10,000 个塑料筒作为废弃物进行处置。和我们的德国供应商一起,我们找到了一种解决方案,无需塑料筒帮助即可使管路卷绕。

结果是不仅运输量和潜在 CO2 排放量大幅减少,每年塑料废弃物也减少 12 吨。

包装材料 Airplus

减少 10 m3。 每年聚苯乙烯用量


我们用 Storopack 的 Airplus® 空气枕代替聚苯乙烯颗粒,该空气枕可按照 DIN Certco EN 13432 进行回收。

结果是每年聚苯乙烯废弃物减少 10 m3。


34% less. Air freight returns by 2025

We have a multitude of other ideas and plans for making our processes more sustainable. Here is just one example: We still investigate every technical issue in Switzerland. The result? CO2 emissions caused by returning the device by air freight. That is why we have started to set up local service units at our subsidiaries in Birmingham, Navi-Mumbai, and Reno.

We expect this change to reduce the number of return shipments to Switzerland by 34% in 2025, saving more than 114 tons of CO2 per year compared to the existing process.

呼吸治疗。 向任何人,在任何地方



采用 HAMILTON-C1 呼吸机的印度 ICU

10-bed ICU。 印度农村地区的重症监护

我们和一个非政府组织开展合作,该组织自己设定的目标是在印度 300 个农村地区每个都设置一个 10-bed ICU。

Hamilton Medical 哈美顿医疗公司是此项目的唯一呼吸机供应商,将在不盈利的基础上提供数百台呼吸机,为该项目提供支持。


协助医务人员。 马拉维通气培训


因此我们决定支持 Lydia 和 Bernhard Widmann。2022 年 4 月,这两位医疗专业人士和他们的三个孩子一起搬到马拉维,用他们的知识和专业技术支持当地工作人员。

Hamilton Medical 哈美顿医疗公司 Bonaduz Green Sense 餐厅沙拉自助餐

健康饮食。 我们的绿色瑞士餐厅


生态方面也起着重要作用:食物垃圾被转化为沼气,我们已经将塑料的使用减少到最低限度,例如通过放弃 PET 瓶改用自来水。热饮用纸杯也已成为历史。每个人都有公司为他们提供的杯子和瓶子。

我们设定了新的行业标准。 而且我们还将继续这样做。


因此我们致力于帮助医务人员提供最佳呼吸护理——向任何人,在任何地方。从 1983 年我们成立时起,我们一直专注于支持重症护理的前线英雄。



Here's the evidence. Proven innovation

Since the foundation of Hamilton Medical, we have been driving innovation. We first entered the market with one of the first microprocessor‑controlled ventilators. In the decades that followed, we revolutionized mechanical ventilation – not just once, but time and again. Today, for example, you can see real-time respiratory data in the palm of your hand – the Hamilton Connect App streams it from the ventilator to your mobile device. What’s next? Stay tuned!

Our developers, programmers, and product managers are highly inventive. We register multiple new patents every year. As innovative strength is part of our DNA, this number will keep on growing.

We certainly don’t need to be shy in terms of design either. As at our 40th anniversary in 2023, we had more than 125 registered designs and design applications.


Digital solutions. For ventilation technology

The future of ventilation is becoming increasingly digital. We have a team of more than 20 experts from different fields focusing solely on digital solutions.

As a family business, we invest more than average in research and new technology. Another 20 experts with PhDs in physics, mathematics, or medicine works exclusively in this field, collaborating closely with internationally renowned ventilation experts. Ideas for innovative technologies such as IntelliSync+ have been conceived and realized by this interdisciplinary team.

Hamilton Medical 哈美顿医疗公司 Bonaduz 电动汽车充电站

不断驱动创新。 在我们瑞士场所的电动汽车


我们的管理层以身作则:50% 以上的 Hamilton Medical 哈美顿医疗公司管理人员驾驶纯电动车或插电式混合动力汽车。