Enjoying life and holding a management position

Frederike Brühschwein, Manager Regulatory Affairs

Frederike Brühschwein has studied Biomedical Engineering and joined 2008 Hamilton Medical. As Manager of Regulatory Affairs she heads a team of five.

A real-life balancing act

Sonja Bunk, Marketing Manager

Sonja Bunk slips effortlessly into various roles: mother, Marketing Manager, and dancer – and she loves what she does.

Once Hamilton, always Hamilton.

Daniel Hepting, Hardware Developer

Daniel returned to Hamilton Medical 2011 after a short break wanting to stay longer. Being a qualified mechanical engineer, he appreciates a motivating professional atmosphere and flexible working hours he needs to care about his three kids.

All beginnings are good.

Ramana Moser, Electronics Apprentice

The best electronics education closed to home: Ramana took a chance to combine a professional training with a real job.

Your future with Hamilton Medical

Hamilton Medical is a part of the global Hamilton group. Hamilton Medical's headquarters are located in Switzerland with subsidiaries in USA, Great Britain, and China. Research & Development, Manufacturing, Clinical Applications, Product Management, Marketing, and Sales continuously offer job seekers an attractive playground for personal development.

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Job vacancies

Scope Profile Position Location Date
Research & Development Algorithm Developer in Medical Research (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 12.12.2018
Technical Professions Control Engineer for Medical Technology (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 13.12.2018
Technical Professions Technical Support Engineer FH/HF (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 12.12.2018
Marketing/ Product Mgmt Hygiene Manager (w/m) Beatmungsgeräte und Zubehör CH - Bonaduz 10.12.2018
Marketing/ Product Mgmt Product Manager (w/m) Consumables and Accessories CH - Bonaduz 10.12.2018
Technical Professions Technical Support Assistant (w/m) CH - Domat/Ems 04.12.2018
Technical Professions Technical Support Engineer (w/m) CH - Domat/Ems 04.12.2018
Customer & Product Support Clinical Education Consultant Japan (f/m) Home Office - 09.11.2018
Technical Professions Prozessleiter (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 01.11.2018
Quality Mgmt & Legal Affairs Quality Engineer (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 23.10.2018
Research & Development Software Engineer (w/m) mit Schwerpunkt Embedded C++ CH - Bonaduz 10.10.2018
Research & Development Software Engineer (w/m) mit Schwerpunkt GUI Entwicklung CH - Bonaduz 10.10.2018
Research & Development Embedded Software Engineer (w/m) Medical CH - Bonaduz 10.10.2018
Manufacturing Multimediaelektroniker / Elektroniker (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 10.10.2018
Technical Professions Mitarbeiter (w/m) in der Montage CH - Domat/Ems 10.10.2018
Research & Development Trainee in Algorithm Development in Medical Research (w/m) 2018/2019 für mindestens 6 Monate CH - Bonaduz 21.09.2018
Quality Mgmt & Legal Affairs Regulatory Affairs Specialist (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 4.9.2018
Sales HAMILTON-C1 National Account Manager- U.S. USA - Reno 08.06.2018
Projectmanagement Projektleiter in der Entwicklung (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 30.05.2018
Manufacturing Produktionsmitarbeiter (w/m) im 4-Schichtbetrieb CH - Domat/Ems 05.04.2018
Research & Development Medical Research Manager, 25% - 50% (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 28.03.2018