A real-life balancing act

Sonja Bunk, Marketing Manager

Sonja Bunk slips effortlessly into various roles: mother, Marketing Manager, and dancer – and she loves what she does.

Once Hamilton, always Hamilton.

Daniel Hepting, Hardware Developer

After a short break, Daniel returned to Hamilton Medical in 2011 to stay. As a qualified mechanical engineer, he appreciates a motivating professional atmosphere and the flexible working hours he needs to care for his three kids.

The perfect debut

Kim Haltiner, Mechanical Engineer

The job at Hamilton Medical is Kim’s first full-time position after college. In the Respiratory Care Supplies department, he spends his days working on masks, tubes, and sensors – the plastic parts that connect the ventilator and the patient. In Kim’s own words, the job is everything he had hoped for. He likes project-based, independent work and that is exactly what he has found at Hamilton Medical.

A bachelor’s thesis leads to permanent employment

Andreas Bucher, Software Engineer

Andreas first heard of Hamilton when developing a functioning data recorder including software for his bachelor’s thesis. He then applied successfully for a four-month work placement at Hamilton Medical. The result was a permanent position in the team responsible for developing the ventilator’s user interfaces.

Your future with Hamilton Medical

Hamilton Medical's headquarters are located in Switzerland with subsidiaries in USA, Great Britain, and China. Research & Development, Manufacturing, Clinical Applications, Product Management, Marketing, and Sales continuously offer job seekers an attractive playground for personal development.