• For all patient groups
  • Automatic measurement and maintenance of cuff pressure
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • For critical care, interhospital transport, and anesthesia
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Ensuring optimal cuff pressure and patient safety

Continuously optimized and controlled cuff pressure supports ventilation therapy and protects your patients from VAP and tracheal injuries.

Whether you use IntelliCuff during air transport with quickly changing ambient pressure, or in the operating room for N2O narcosis or laparoscopic abdominal surgery, the device helps you to ensure optiomal cuff pressure and patient safety even during critical situations.

IntelliCuff is developed by Hamilton Medical and designed for immediate use; no calibration is required. It operates in a wide but still safe range of desired cuff pressures for various cuffed endotracheal tubes to provide suitable solutions for various clinical situations. You just set the desired cuff pressure, which is then maintained automatically.

IntelliCuff in 3D

Improved cuff pressure management

The leakage of oral secretions past the endotracheal tube (ETT) is a causative risk factor in the development of ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP), and excessive cuff pressure is a risk factor in tracheal injuries. Existing solutions for endotracheal tube cuff pressure management require manual monitoring and adjustment of cuff pressure, which is a critical aspect of the ICU staff workload. It has been shown that up to eight manual adjustments of cuff pressure are required daily to maintain recommended cuff pressure ranges (Sole 2011). 

Scientific evidence

Recent clinical studies show that : 

  • Continuous cuff pressure control can decrease microaspiration and VAP (Lorente 2014, Nseir 2011).
  • Continuous control is more effective in maintaining cuff pressure within an optimal range (Sole 2011).

Cuff pressure management bibliography

Video: Setup and handling

Watch our video on YouTube and see how IntelliCuff works.

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Availability of IntelliCuff

The IntelliCuff is also available as integrated option on the HAMILTON-G5 and HAMILTON-C6 and is a standard feature on the HAMILTON-S1.



IntelliCuff pressure controller brochure

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Technical specifications

IntelliCuff pressure controller technical specifications

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Cuff pressure management bibliography

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Sole ML, Su X, Talbert S, Penoyer DA, Kalita S, Jimenez E, Ludy JE, Bennett M. Evaluation of an intervention to maintain endotracheal tube cuff pressure within therapeutic range. Am J Crit Care. 2011 Mar;20(2):109-17.

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