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  • State-of-the-art invasive ventilation modes
  • Synchronized noninvasive ventilation
  • Demand-flow nCPAP modes and high flow oxygen therapy
  • Leak compensation in every mode

The HAMILTON-C1 neo is a versatile neonatal ventilator that combines invasive and noninvasive modes with the additional options of nCPAP and high flow oxygen therapy. The integrated turbine allows it to be operated independently of a compressed air supply. Due to its compact design, it is an ideal companion for your smallest patients in various environments such as delivery room, the intensive care unit and emergency ward, as well as during intrahospital transport.

What our customers say about the HAMILTON-C1 neo

Dr. Süha Demirakça

Senior Physician PICU & Pulmonology

Clinic for Pediatric Medicine Mannheim, Germany

The HAMILTON-C1 neo combines the performance of a NICU ventilator with a small footprint and a very reasonable price. It’s the ideal device to complete our high-end fleet for neonatal ventilation.

Intelligent Ventilation built in

Improved patient safety and comfort

Ease of use

Increased efficiency

Improved patient safety and comfort

Using the IntelliTrig leakage compensation function, the ventilator identifies the leak by measuring the flow at the airway opening and uses this data to automatically adjust the gas delivery while still remaining responsive to the set inspiratory and expiratory trigger sensitivity (ETS). This ensures adaptive synchronization with the neonate’s breathing pattern in both invasive and noninvasive modes. 

The proximal flow sensor and neonatal expiratory valve enable the precise measurement of pressure, volume, and flow directly at the airway opening, ensuring the required sensitivity and a quick response time. Your most fragile patients should benefit from better synchronization and less work of breathing as a result.

Ease of use

In close cooperation with users and ventilation experts, our engineers have designed a user interface that is particularly intuitive. Switching between the  HAMILTON-C1 neo and all other Hamilton Medical ventilators is easy because they are operated according to the same principles.

The Ventilation Cockpit on the HAMILTON-C1 neo ventilator consolidates the monitoring data and converts it into the visual display. This easy-to-understand display gives a quick overview of the patient’s current ventilation status and provides a reliable basis for therapy decisions.

Increased efficiency

The nCPAP modes of the HAMILTON-C1 neo are designed in such a way that you only need set the desired CPAP/PEEP. The flow is subsequently adjusted automatically based on the patient condition and variation in leakage, which prevents unintended peak pressures or loss of CPAP/PEEP, and guarantees highly efficient leak compensation.

This efficiency of operation is matched by ease of use and consistent operating concepts, which together with our free Hamilton Medical e-learning modules also ensure more efficient training for clinical staff.



Bonaduz, Switzerland

Hi, my name's Milton! You’re going to see a lot of me in the future because I stand for neonatal ventilation here at Hamilton Medical.

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Intelligent Ventilation for neonates with Hamilton Medical

With the neonatal option, all Hamilton Medical ventilators provide tidal volumes as low as 2 ml for an effective, safe, and lung-protective ventilation of even the smallest preterm infants.

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