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Hamilton Medical has a nationwide team of dedicated specialists in applications, sales and technical support.

Quality - our passion

Hamilton Medical in the USA is a dynamic organization with a dedicated team of service, application and sales specialists. Our team almost exclusively consists of Respiratory Therapists who know the challenges of the customers and the importance of service quality. We are passionate about bringing you the best possible service. 

Bob Hamilton, 3rd generation member of the family, is President of Hamilton Medical. 

What customers say about us

Thomas Berlin

Director of Respiratory Care

Florida Hospital, Orlando (FL), USA

The level of support has been phenomenal over the years. Our clinical representative for Hamilton Medical is always available and ensures that our staff is competent and comfortable with using this complex equipment that enhances our patients’ safety.

Robert Lopez

Director of Respiratory Care

University Medical Center, Lubbock (TX), USA

We have been very pleased with the customer support from the time we did the evaluation all the way through the purchase, and even after the purchase. The sales reps and the clinical specialist have been very responsive to our needs.

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