• Ventilators


      The modular high-end ventilation solution

      • Advanced ventilation modes, including ASV®
      • IntelliCuff® integrated cuff pressure controller 
      • Protective Ventilation P/V Tool® Pro for lung assessment and recruitment
      • Transpulmonary pressure measurement
      • Ventilation of adult, pediatrics, and neonates

      The compact high-end ventilation solution

      • P/V Tool® Pro: Protective Ventilation Tool for lung assessment and recruitment
      • High-performance NIV ventilation
      • Compact and independent from compressed air
      • Adult, pediatric, and neonatal ventilation

      The universal ventilation solution

      • Adult, pediatric, and neonatal ventilation
      • Tidal volumes as low as 2 ml
      • > 7 h of battery operating time
      • Independent air supply
      • Advanced ventilation modes including ASV®
      • High-performance NIV ventilation

      Minimum size for maximum performance

      • Adult, pediatric, and neonatal ventilation
      • 4 h of battery operating time
      • Independence from gas cylinders or compressors
      • Noninvasive ventilation
    • HAMILTON-C1 neo

      The breath of life

      • State-of-the-art invasive ventilation modes
      • Synchronized noninvasive ventilation
      • Demand-flow nCPAP modes
      • Leak compensation in every mode
      HAMILTON-C1 neo

      Intelligent Ventilation for long-term acute care

      • Small and lightweight
      • All state-of-the-art ventilation modes
      • Noninvasive ventilation therapy
      • Comprehensive monitoring capabilities
      • SpeakValve option (510(k) pending)
      • Over 4 hours of battery operating time

      Intelligent transport ventilation

      • Approved for use in ambulances, helicopters and airplanes
      • Adult, pediatric, and neonatal ventilation
      • > 9 h of battery operating time
      • Noninvasive ventilation
    • HAMILTON-T1 Military

      Fully-featured ICU transport ventilator for armed forces

      • Certified for all kinds of transport in demanding environments
      •  > 9 hour battery operating time (hot-swappable battery)
      • Compatible with night vision devices
      • NBC filter adapter
      • NATO stock number NSN 6515-01-648-5814
      HAMILTON-T1 Military

      Intelligent Ventilation from ICU to MRI

      • MR Conditional (up to 50 mT)
      • Integrated TeslaSpy gaussmeter
      • Adult, pediatric, and neonatal ventilation
      • Independent air supply
      • Noninvasive ventilation
  • Peripheral devices

    • HAMILTON-H900

      • Integrated temperature probe
      • Wall-heated, all-in-one breathing circuits
      • Adjustable temperature and humidity settings
      • Pre-assembled and ready for use
      HAMILTON-H900 humidifier
    • IntelliCuff®

      • Automatic maintenance of set cuff pressure
      • Easy and intuitive operation
      • For critical care, interhospital transport, and anesthesia
      IntelliCuff pressure controller
    • VENTILAIR® II compressor

      A reliable and powerful source of compressed air

      • Reliable, durable Swiss design
      • Delivers dry, clean medical-grade compressed air
      • Optimal cost-performance ratio
      • Clear indication of compressor working status
      VENTILAIR II compressor
  • Accessories and consumables

    • Flow sensors

      • High accuracy of tidal volume due to proximal flow measurement
      • Specially developed and approved for use with Hamilton Medical ventilators
      • Reduced risk of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) due to single patient usage 
      Flow sensors
    • Breathing circuit sets

      • User-friendly as flow sensor, tube, connectors and expiratory valve set are preassembled
      • Heated (for HAMILTON-H900 humidifier) and nonheated breathing circuit sets
      • Reduced risk of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) due to single patient use
      Breathing circuit sets
    • Expiratory valve sets

      • Specially developed for our ventilators
      • Quickly mountable and easy to use
      • High patient safety
      Expiratory valve sets
    • High flow interfaces

      • Extra soft material and comfortable fit
      • Highly flexible tube to reduce the risk of kinking
      • Elastic and flexible, 360°-adjustable headband
      High flow interfaces
    • nCPAP interfaces for neonates

      • High patient comfort due to soft materials and low noise levels
      • Optimal fit due to the flexible connection and adjustable adapter
      • Masks and bonnets from XXS to XXL
      nCPAP interfaces
    • CO2 measurement

      • Mainstream and sidestream
      • Reliable measurement
      • Comfortable fit
      CO2 measurement
    • Oxygen measurement

      • Reliable measurement 
      • Maintenace free with paramagnetic sensor
      • For all patient groups
      Oxygen cells