• Effective delivery of dose
  • Silent operation
  • Small particle size

We offer nebulization solutions of Aerogen§, the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of high performance aerosol drug delivery technology.

Pro-X Controller - Portable power source

The Pro-X Controller powers the Aerogen Solo and the Aerogen Ultra in one easy to use device. 

  • Quick and easy to set-up
  • Powers the Aerogen Solo
  • 30 minutes and continous mode options
  • Patient reusable throughout the hospital
  • Multi-functional as it can be used with both the Aerogen Solo and the Aerogen Ultra

Aerogen Pro: Multi patient use device incorporating Aerogen’s vibrating mesh technology

The Aerogen Pro System is a portable medical device for multiple patient use that is intended to aerosolise physician-prescribed medications for inhalation that are approved for use with standard nebulisers to treat infants through to adults.

  • 17% lung deposition versus 4% for small volume nebulizers1
  • No added flow
  • Virtually silent
  • Delivers all medications approved for use with standard nebulizers to treat pediatric to adult patients
  • Can be powered by the Aerogen Pro Controller or Aerogen USB controller

Aerogen Solo - Aerosol drug delivery nebulizer for single patient use

A real first in the field of precision aerosol drug delivery, the Aerogen Solo is redefining respiratory patient treatment for healthcare professionals worldwide.

  • 4 times more medication delivered to patients lungs2
  • Quick & easy to set-up with no added flow
  • Silent operation
  • Suitable for solutions, suspensions, proteins and peptides
  • Powered by the Aerogen Pro-X Controller for continous use or the Aerogen USB Controller for intermittent use or powered by the built-in controller in HAMILTON-G5, HAMILTON-S1 and HAMILTON-C6

USB Controller

Throughout the hospital, the Aerogen USB controller powers the Aerogen Solo and the Aerogen Pro in one slim-line, easy to use device. Designed for ease of use, the Aerogen USB Controller can be operated from the USB ports on the ventilators.*

  • Quick and easy to set-up
  • Can be used with the Aerogen Solo and the Aerogen Ultra
  • 30 minutes & 6 hour mode options


For US users, the Aerogen USB Controller should only be operated from mains using the Aerogen USB Controller AC/DC Adapter.

Interested in learning more about Aerogen products?

For more detailed information please visit the Aerogen website:

Link to Aerogen



Aeroneb Pro reprocessing guide

PDF / 146.7 KB




Care of Aeroneb Pro nebulizer when using Mucomyst

PDF / 29.6 KB



Aerogen Pro cleaning, desinfection, and sterilisation guide

PDF / 29.3 KB



Aerogen Pro validation for being left in-line for up to 7 days

PDF / 25.5 KB



Aerogen Pro product information

PDF / 67.6 KB



Aerogen Pro performance report

PDF / 840 KB



Aerogen aerosol generator brochure performance report

PDF / 872.5 KB



Aerogen Clinical White Paper

PDF / 3.4 MB

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1 Ari A, Areabi H and Fink JB. Respiratory care. 2010;55:837-44.

2 Ari A, Atalay OT, Harwood R, Sheard MM, Aljamhan EA and Fink JB. Respiratory care. 2010;55:845-51.

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