Nuflow® – nasal cannulas for oxygen therapy

  • High degree of patient comfort
  • Low noise level and system stagnation pressure
  • Individual fixation, gentle on the skin
  • Anatomically shaped prongs 

The Nuflow range is designed for sensitive skin, with a focus on high patient comfort. The single-use nasal cannulas are made of soft, skin- compatible silicone.

Two skin-friendly patches allow the cannula to be secured safely in place near the nostrils. The patches can be cut and shaped to fit the patient.

Available in different sizes

For an individual fit, the Nuflow cannulas are available in four different sizes. Color-coding makes size selection easy.

Even the smallest cannula size provides flow rates of up to 8 l/min and thus matches the current guidelines for the application of oxygen therapy in neonates (Roehr 2016).  


The cannulas are compatible with the HAMILTON-H900 breathing circuit set for neonates and other neonatal breathing sets.

Nuflow cannulas can be used for oxygen therapy with all our ventilators.


Nuflow nasal cannula for oxygen therapy in pediatrics - US

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Roehr, Charles C. , MD, PhD, Yoder, Bradley A., MD, Davis, Peter G., MD, Kevin Ives, MD; Evidence Support and Guidelines for Using Heated, Humidified, High-Flow Nasal Cannulae in Neonatology; Oxford Nasal High-Flow Therapy Meeting, 2015; Clin Perinatal 43 (2016) 693–705

Important note

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