CO2 monitoring

  • Noninvasive and easy to do
  • Reliable monitoring - mainstream and sidestream
  • Helps improving  the ventilation quality and efficiency for your patients

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most abundant gas produced by the human body. CO2 is the primary drive to breathe and a primary reason to mechanically ventilate a patient. Monitoring the CO2 level during respiration (capnography) is noninvasive, easy to do, relatively inexpensive, and has been studied extensively.

Capnography has improved over the last few decades thanks to the developement of faster infrared sensors that can measure CO2 at the airway opening in realtime. By knowing how CO2 behaves on its way from the bloodstream through the alveoli to the ambient air, physicians can obtain useful information about ventilation and perfusion.

CAPNOSTAT-5§ mainstream sensor

The CAPNOSTAT-5 sensor provides technologically advanced measurements of end-tidal carbon dioxide (PetCO2) and respiratory rate, in addition to a clear, accurate capnogram at all respiratory rates of up to 150 breaths per minute.

The mainstream sensor in combination with the Hamilton Medical flow sensor allows a volumetric capnography.

We offer single-use and reusable mainstream adapters for neonatal or adult/pediatric patients.

LoFlo sidestream CO2 sensor

The LoFlo sidestream sensor is ideally used for nonintubated patients of all groups. We offer single-use adapters for the various patient groups.

Learn more about volumetric capnography

Proximal flow and CO2 measurement enables Hamilton Medical ventilators to perform up-to-date volumetric capnography, which provides an important basis for the assessment of ventilation quality and metabolic activity.

Volumetric capnography 


Adapters & filters CO2 measurement

Airway adapter reprocessing guide

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CO2 measurement

Capnostat 5 CO2 sensor reprocessing guide

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