CPR ventilation now available for US customers


Date of first publication: 14.03.2023

We are happy to announce that CPR ventilation is now available in the US for the HAMILTON-C1/T1/MR1!
CPR ventilation now available for US customers

CPR Ventilation

Previously introduced in the European market with Software 3.0.x, CPR ventilation adapts ventilation settings to situations where CPR is being performed. The new feature supports the CPR workflow with:

  • Quick access to pre-configurable settings
  • Adequate alarm and trigger adjustment
  • Visible CPR timer on the screen
  • Relevant waveforms and MMPs displayed

View the short video below to learn more about CPR ventilation features:


The option is free of charge, and no additional software or hardware is required. CPR ventilation is already part of SW 3.0.x and only needs to be activated upon request, after a short training session.

To do so, you can simply call your area sales representative, complete a short training, and then activate CPR ventilation through the license code. For information about the availability, you can refer to the flyer "information for existing US customers: availability and training".

The CPR training can be completed entirely online using the following link, but you can also work with your sales rep if you would prefer to complete the training in person.