Pulse oximetry

SpO2 measurement

  • Integrated with the ventilator (no separate device)
  • Assessment of patient’s physiology
  • Additional monitoring for pulse rate

Accurate SpO2 values

The integration of SpO2 pulse oximetry enhances the ventilation support options for Hamilton Medical ventilators (not available for HAMILTON-C2/MR1) and is an important parameter for closed-loop ventilation with INTELLiVENT®-ASV®. 

SpO2 sensors, from either Masimo or Nihon Kohden, provide accurate SpO2 values even under challenging conditions, including patient motion, patient transport, and low perfusion.

Increased ease of use

The sensor data is directly integrated into the ventilator’s monitoring display, supports trend graphics, and is subject to applicable alarms, all of which are controlled at the ventilator. 

The dedicated sensor adapter for Masimo increases the ease of use. The adapter mounts easily on all standard rails and includes a storage position for CAPNOSTAT® CO2 sensors

Parameter overview by oximeter brand

See chart on the left for options and measurements available with each oximeter.

Masimo rainbow SET® is only available for the US market.