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Say farewell to the HAMILTON-G5/S1. Discover its dynamic successor

HAMILTON-G5 in an ICU with its successor, the HAMILTON-C6 HAMILTON-G5 in an ICU with its successor, the HAMILTON-C6

The end of an era. The start of a new one

After 16 successful years, we have discontinued the HAMILTON-G5/S1. The satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, and the impact of the device on the market have far exceeded even our highest expectations.

But as patient care evolves, so do customer needs. Our commitment to helping deliver the best respiratory care not only drives our continuous pursuit of innovation, it also allows us to recognize opportunities for strategic product transitions. These ensure that our solutions remain highly effective and in tune with the ever-changing landscape of respiratory care.

HAMILTON-C6 ICU ventilator

Elevate your game. Meet the HAMILTON-C6

Sleek design meets intuitive touch screen, whisper‑quiet operation, and effortless mobility ‑ experience ventilation redefined with the successor of the HAMILTON-G5/S1.

Not only does it incorporate the many proven features of the HAMILTON‑G5/S1, it goes above and beyond.

HAMILTON-C6 high-performance turbine with lifetime guarantee

Now is the time to switch. To a high-performance turbine guaranteed for life

Compressed air is a relic from the past, when turbines simply couldn’t match up. Today, turbine-driven ventilators from Hamilton Medical perform just as well as compressed-air ventilators, while offering many clear advantages to customers and patients. What’s more, our lifetime warranty on the HAMILTON-C6 turbine means users can enjoy long-term peace of mind.

Turbine‑driven ventilators from Hamilton Medical are masters at minimizing noise compared to their compressed-air counterparts. This results in a more peaceful environment for both healthcare professionals and patients alike. Compared to the HAMILTON‑G5 or the HAMILTON‑S1, our latest high-end device excels with an average of just 37 dB, which makes it our most silent ventilator.

Being independent from compressed air and more than 10 kg lighter, our newest turbine-driven ventilator is much more mobile. More compact in size and fitted with a battery, a holder for two oxygen cylinders, and improved trolley wheels, it is well equipped for intrahospital transport. It is also well suited for early mobilization of your patients.

Turbine‑driven ventilators can reach higher flows than ventilators using compressed air. For adult and pediatric patients, the HAMILTON‑C6 has a maximum inspiratory flow of 260 l/min (vs. 180 l/min for the HAMILTON‑G5/S1), which allows for stronger leak compensation, and a flow for high flow oxygen therapy ranging from 2 to 100 l/min (vs. 1 to 60 l/min for the HAMILTON‑G5/S1).

We believe firmly in our high‑performance turbine and are committed to a future free from the constraints of compressed air. That is why we offer a lifetime warranty on the turbine.

Dr. João Alves

Témoignages de clients

One of the pearls of these ventilators is the interface. I think the interface of the HAMILTON-C6 has a completely new level of monitoring capabilities.

Dr. João Alves

Intensivist, Internal Medicine and Emergency Department since 2018
University Hospital Center Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

Nurse and patient with the HAMILTON-C6 ICU ventilator

A paradigm shift. Transformed from the ground up

The HAMILTON‑C6 represents a paradigm shift in ventilators. It brings a host of advantages - not only under the hood, but also for service and maintenance.

Of course it offers you state‑of‑the‑art technology with all the advanced modes and therapies for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients, as well as featuring a wide range of diagnostic tools.

The HAMILTON‑G5 was based on a unique platform exclusive to the device, which required dedicated training for service and maintenance. In contrast, the HAMILTON-C6 uses a similar platform to all the other Hamilton Medical ventilators. This means the device will be familiar to any technician already trained on any other Hamilton Medical ventilator currently available on the market. The software on the new platform is built in a way that helps support technicians when performing annual maintenance and troubleshooting.

Bob Hamilton with the HAMILTON-C6

Discover the successor to the HAMILTON-G5/S1. The beginning of a new era

We are sure you will love the HAMILTON-C6. But to really get a feel for the many improvements over the HAMILTON-G5/S1, you need to see it. And touch it! Schedule a free demo or callback to experience our flagship device first hand.