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VenTrainer. The virtual ventilation training app

VenTrainer running on a tablet VenTrainer running on a tablet

Explore, experiment, learn. Virtual training for healthcare professionals

Advance your ventilation knowledge with VenTrainer, the free virtual training app for clinicians. Dive into an immersive, easy-to-set up learning experience and:

  • Explore our ventilators and their features with an interactive 360° animation
  • Use the app to enhance the training experience for you or one of your team members
  • Monitor how your ventilation strategy affects the patient outcome in real time, thanks to the physiologic patient model
  • Simulate real-life ventilation with a GUI that displays real-time monitoring values
VenTrainer on a smartphone with the fully simulated GUI

A ventilator simulator in your pocket. With a complete user interface

The VenTrainer App is like a ventilator simulator. It provides you with the unique opportunity to simulate the entire ventilator user interface on your mobile device or computer. 

Explore all the functions and familiarize yourself with operating your ventilator.

Learn how to change the graphics, where to set the alarm limits, how to adjust the parameters, and how to use the tools.

Physiological patient model provided by the VenTrainer app

The patient might be virtual. But your learnings are real

VenTrainer allows you to see direct outcomes from the decisions you make. This enables you to develop your skills and knowledge in a safe and controlled environment, while staying up to date with the latest methods in patient ventilation.

  • Adjustable patient model with different lung conditions to choose from

  • Pre-configured patient conditions such as ARDS with recruitable properties

  • ABG analysis to support your ventilation strategy

  • Real-time monitoring values for oxygenation and ventilation

  • Realistic alarms

VenTrainer overview of all ventilators

From all angles. Our virtual showroom

An interactive 3D animation allows you to explore all our ventilator models from every angle and learn about their functions and features through detailed tooltips. All at the touch of a finger.

Interactive learning. Modern tools for educators

If you are teaching mechanical ventilation, VenTrainer is an ideal tool to help create an immersive, easy-to-set up, time- and cost-effective experience that enhances training for all your students. 

With VenTrainer, your students can enjoy a virtual hands-on learning experience, while following along as you demonstrate and explain ventilation techniques. The free app works on most devices capable of running Android, iOS or Windows software: no extra equipment is needed, and each student can directly experiment on their device.

  • Easy‑to‑set up

  • Time and cost effective

  • For class settings or individual learning

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