Enjoying life and holding a management position

Frederike Brühschwein, Manager Regulatory Affairs

Frederike Brühschwein has studied Biomedical Engineering and joined 2008 Hamilton Medical. As Manager of Regulatory Affairs she heads a team of five.

A real-life balancing act

Sonja Bunk, Marketing Manager

Sonja Bunk slips effortlessly into various roles: mother, Marketing Manager, and dancer – and she loves what she does.

Once Hamilton, always Hamilton.

Daniel Hepting, Hardware Developer

Daniel returned to Hamilton Medical 2011 after a short break wanting to stay longer. Being a qualified mechanical engineer, he appreciates a motivating professional atmosphere and flexible working hours he needs to care about his three kids.

All beginnings are good.

Ramana Moser, Electronics Apprentice

The best electronics education closed to home: Ramana took a chance to combine a professional training with a real job.

Your future with Hamilton Medical

Hamilton Medical's headquarters are located in Switzerland with subsidiaries in USA, Great Britain, and China. Research & Development, Manufacturing, Clinical Applications, Product Management, Marketing, and Sales continuously offer job seekers an attractive playground for personal development.

Hamilton group careers website

Job vacancies

Scope Profile Position Location Date
Technical Professions Technical Support Engineer FH/HF (w/m) Kopieren CH - Domat/Ems 12.12.2018
Technical Professions Technical Support Engineer FH/HF (w/m) CH - Domat/Ems 15.01.2019
Technical Professions Technical Support Engineer (w/m) CH - Domat/Ems 15.01.2019
Marketing/ Product Mgmt Product Manager (w/m) Digital Solutions CH - Bonaduz 14.01.2019
Research & Development Entwicklungsingenieur Elektrotechnik (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 09.01.2019
Research & Development Entwicklungsingenieur Mikrosystemtechnik (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 08.01.2019
Marketing/ Product Mgmt Produktmanager Intensivbeatmung (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 08.01.2019
Research & Development Trainee in Algorithm Development in Medical Research (w/m) für mindestens 6 Monate CH - Bonaduz 04.01.2019
Research & Development Medical Research Manager, 50% (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 04.01.2019
Technical Professions Automationsspezialist (w/m) CH - Domat/Ems 19.12.2018
Accounting Export-Sachbearbeiter (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 12.12.2018
Research & Development Algorithm Developer in Medical Research (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 12.12.2018
Technical Professions Control Engineer for Medical Technology (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 13.12.2018
Marketing/ Product Mgmt Hygiene Manager (w/m) Beatmungsgeräte und Zubehör CH - Bonaduz 10.12.2018
Marketing/ Product Mgmt Product Manager (w/m) Consumables and Accessories CH - Bonaduz 10.12.2018
Technical Professions Technical Support Assistant (w/m) CH - Domat/Ems 04.12.2018
Customer & Product Support Clinical Education Consultant Japan (f/m) Home Office - 09.11.2018
Technical Professions Prozessleiter (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 01.11.2018
Quality Mgmt & Legal Affairs Quality Engineer (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 23.10.2018
Research & Development Software Engineer (w/m) mit Schwerpunkt Embedded C++ CH - Bonaduz 10.10.2018
Research & Development Software Engineer (w/m) mit Schwerpunkt GUI Entwicklung CH - Bonaduz 10.10.2018
Research & Development Embedded Software Engineer (w/m) Medical CH - Bonaduz 10.10.2018
Manufacturing Multimediaelektroniker / Elektroniker (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 10.10.2018
Quality Mgmt & Legal Affairs Regulatory Affairs Specialist (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 4.9.2018
Projectmanagement Projektleiter in der Entwicklung (w/m) CH - Bonaduz 30.05.2018
Manufacturing Produktionsmitarbeiter (w/m) im 4-Schichtbetrieb CH - Domat/Ems 05.04.2018