NIV masks

  • Comfortable fit thanks to silicone cushion 
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination due to single patient use
  • Different sizes for a simple mask fitting process

In the US we offer NIV masks of Pulmodyne§Pulmodyne strives to manufacture high quality products for healthcare providers and patients. The products are simple to use, and intuitive in design. This creates peace of mind for healthcare providers, and a faster approach to patient care.

Easy to use and comfortable to wear

The Pulmodyne BiTrac§ masks offer an easy fit. The soft, ergo­nomically shaped face seal and forehead cushion make the mask particularly comfortable to wear. The single-use masks allow ventilator application for spontaneously breathing patients requiring respiratory support by noninva­sive ventilation (NIV). 

The product portfolio includes a range of masks in three/four sizes (S, M, L, XL) for adults.

Full face masks

BiTrac NIV full face mask for adult patients with standard elbow 22vmm ID, OmniClip§ with silicone forehead pad and head strap.

OmniClip is an adjustable forehead piece on all full face and nasal masks of Pulmodyne. It allows you to adjust a mask in and out, or up and down, to help the fit of the mask on the patients face, and reduce the amount of pressure on the bridge of the nose. This feature also lets you swing the mask up and off of the face, to deliver water, food, or prescribed medication to a patient.


Nasal masks

BiTrac NIV nasal mask for adult patients with standard elbow 22 mm ID, OmniClip with silicone forehead pad and head strap. 

The OmniClip adjusts the forehead pads in and out, as well as up and down for a comfortable fit. This feature also lets you swing the mask up and off of the face, to deliver water, food, or prescribed medication to a patient


MaxShield masks

BiTrac MaxShield§  for adult patients with fixed standard elbow 22 mm ID and head strap.

MaxShield masks offer a larger perimeter for easier fitting and for use with claustrophobic patients or those patients with facial hair. This mask helps in simplifying the mask fitting process, and when alternated between a full face mask, can help to prevent pressure ulcers

For HAMILTON-G5/C1/C2/C3/T1/MR1 

BiLEVEL or CPAP application

The portfolio includes full face and nasal BiTrac masks and a MaxShield mask for BiLEVEL or CPAP application for adult patients.

For more details please see download file below.

NIV circuit for BiLEVEL or CPAP application

BiTrac NIV circuits for adult patients with 72“ Smooth ID tubing , swivel connector with exhalation port, cap plug; includes optional 24“ tubing with „T“ and 22 mm ID x 22 mm ID adapter.

Available with or without attached filter.


NIV masks


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