Unique benefits

Standard on all Hamilton Medical ventilators

Whichever Hamilton Medical ventilator you choose - all deliver Intelligent Ventilation solutions to help you provide better patient care.

Intelligent Ventilation solutions for better patient care

Hamilton Medical aims to support clinicians by providing Intelligent Ventilation solutions that:

  • Improve patient safety 
  • Individualized ventilation
  • Greater ease of use

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Common user interface across all devices

The Ventilation Cockpit user interface on all Hamilton Medical ventilators is operated in the same way – independent of the device and its use in the ICU, in the MR suite, or during transport.

Your benefits:

  • Same ventilation approach in all clinical settings, including patient transport
  • Less training time required
  • Lower risk of operator errors

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ASV® intelligent ventilation mode

Adaptive Support Ventilation® (ASV) automatically adapts to the patient’s lung mechanics and activity, employing lung-protective strategies to minimize complications. Since 1998, ASV has been well established as a standard mode for adult and pediatric patients, from intubation to extubation.




Your benefits:

  • Integrated lung-protective rules
  • Improved patient/ventilator interaction
  • Shortened ventilation time
  • Fewer interventions

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Dynamic patient data visualization

The Dynamic Lung panel is part of the Ventilation Cockpit. It displays tidal volume, lung compliance, patient triggering, resistance in real time, and optionally, interaction with the heart. The lungs expand and contract in synchrony with actual breaths.  




Your benefits:

  • ​Important patient data is immediately visible
  • Lung mechanics visualized in an intuitive way

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Intelligent support for weaning protocols

The Vent Status panel is part of the Ventilation Cockpit. It displays six parameters related to the patient’s ventilator dependence. When all values are in the weaning zone, the panel is framed in green, indicating that spontaneous breathing trials should be considered.




Your benefits:

  • Immediate overview of the patient's dependence on the ventilator
  • Provides support for your weaning protocol with configurable weaning zone parameters

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Universal ventilator consumables

Most Hamilton Medical consumables can be used on all Hamilton Medical ventilators. You can choose between
reusable and disposable parts, according to your institutional policies. This consistency enables easier
management of the ventilators, with a favorable economic impact throughout the equipment lifetime.

Your benefits:

  • Easier equipment management
  • Lower operating costs

Automatic leak compensation

IntelliTrig limits leak-related complications by automatically compensating for airway leaks. This improves patient/ventilator synchrony and reduces alarms during ventilation.

Your benefits:

  • Fewer alarms and less user interaction – especially in NIV
  • Increased patient comfort