High flow oxygen therapy

with Hamilton Medical ventilators

  • All-in-one solution
  • Comprehensive monitoring incl. SpO2 (optional)
  • Flow rates of up to 60 l/min
  • Active humidification with HAMILTON-H900
  • Nebulized drug administration
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All-in-one solution

The HAMILTON-C6HAMILTON-G5, HAMILTON-C3, HAMILTON-C1 and HAMILTON-T1 ventilators offer the option of integrated high flow oxygen therapy for all patient groups with single or dual limb breathing circuits.

In just a few steps, you can switch between invasive or noninvasive ventilation and high flow oxygen therapy without changing the device or the breathing circuit. You just need to change the ventilation mode and the patient interface.

Comprehensive monitoring

To minimize the risks of hyperoxia and associated complications caused by the inaccurate administration of oxygen, Hamilton Medical ventilators offer a continuous display of all relevant monitoring parameters for high flow oxygen therapy, such as oxygen concentration, flow rates, SpO2 (optional), humidifier temperature and trends.

Active humidification with the HAMILTON-H900

To help improve patient comfort and compliance with the therapy, use the HAMILTON-H900 humidifier to deliver high flow gas at body temperature (33° - 37°C) and completely saturated.

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Nebulized drug administration

Nebulized drug administration during high flow oxygen therapy helps you improve therapy efficiency, for example in cases of bronchospasm or chronic hypercapnia.

In HAMILTON-G5, high flow oxygen therapy can be combined with an integrated Aerogen® nebulizer (optional). 

(The picture illustrates an example setup for a neonatal breathing set.)

High flow interfaces

Hamilton Medical offers high flow nasal cannulas for all patient populations, as well as tracheostomy interfaces for adult patients.

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High flow oxygen therapy bibliography

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The high flow oxygen therapy option is available for the HAMILTON-C1, HAMILTON-C3HAMILTON-T1HAMILTON-G5 and HAMILTON-C6.