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Mentre il coronavirus responsabile della COVID-19 continua a diffondersi ogni giorno di più, ci vengono poste molte domande.

Per dare il nostro contributo, abbiamo stilato un elenco delle domande più frequenti e delle risorse utili.

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Final decision of Swiss Federal Supreme Court recognizes claims in patent dispute against imtmedical AG


On June 17, 2020, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court handed down a final decision rejecting another appeal brought by imtmedical AG.

New video materials


You can now find a range of new videos on our e-learning and YouTube platforms.

INTELLiVENT®-ASV®: l'assistente al posto letto per combattere la COVID-19


Mentre i medici lottano per salvare vite umane, la nostra modalità di ventilazione più avanzata può aiutarli a evitare contaminazioni e risparmiare tempo e ore-uomo.

Hamilton Medical aderisce alla Ventilator Training Alliance


Hamilton Medical si è unita ad altri produttori per fornire ai professionisti del settore medico risorse formative e materiali relativi ai prodotti.

One solution. Every situation.

Each of our mechanical ventilators is equipped with the same standardized user interface and uses the same Intelligent Ventilation technologies.

Our accessories and consumables are specially developed for the highest possible patient safety and ease of use. Choose between reusable and disposable parts according to your institutional policies.

Our ventilation portfolio includes peripheral devices: an active humidifier, the HAMILTON-H900, as well as the automatic cuff pressure controller, IntelliCuff. Both devices may be used with all kinds of mechanical ventilators.

Our products are suitable for many different areas of application:

We strive to better support your work in critical care

Are you under pressure to provide a higher quality of care to an increasing number of complex patients with limited resources?

We aim to support you by developing Intelligent Ventilation solutions that are designed to offer:

  • Improved patient safety
  • Individualized ventilation
  • Greater ease of use

More about Intelligent Ventilation solutions

Every consumable is vital

Hamilton Medical offers an extensive range of accessories and consumables for neonates, pediatrics, and adults. You can choose between reusable and disposable parts, according to your institutional policies.

Our product portfolio includes breathing circuits and components, patient interfaces, sensors and monitoring as well as nebulization. Using Hamilton Medical Originals ensures the best performance and safety of your Hamilton Medical ventilators.

Revolutionizing critical care ventilation

In 1983 Hamilton Medical was founded with a vision: to develop Intelligent Ventilation solutions that make life easier for patients in critical care and for the people who care for them.

Today, we are a leading manufacturer of critical care ventilation solutions for a variety of patient populations, applications, and environments.


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Dr. Adrian Wäckerlin

Head of ICU

Grisons Cantonal Hospital, Chur, Switzerland

Hamilton Medical offers a wide range of ventilators. All users can find a system within the product range that is optimally suited to ventilate their particular patient group.

Thomas Berlin

Director of Respiratory Care

Florida Hospital, Orlando (FL), USA

The first thing I look at regarding mechanical ventilators is patient safety and comfort. So one thing that has always impressed me about Hamilton Medical ventilators is their ability to be sensitive and responsive to the patient.

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