Intelligent Ventilation for long-term acute care

  • Small and lightweight
  • All state-of-the-art ventilation modes
  • Noninvasive ventilation therapy
  • Comprehensive monitoring capabilities
  • SpeakValve option
  • Over 4 hours of battery operating time

The HAMILTON-C1 ventilator combines a high level of performance with flexibility, ease of use, and maximum mobility. Featuring an integrated turbine, it can operate independently of compressed air and is the ideal companion for your long-term ventilated patients. Whether at the bedside,  in the dayroom,  or anywhere else in the facility, the HAMILTON-C1 can remain by their side providing seamless ventilation therapy.

In addition, the HAMILTON-C1 provides a peak flow of up to 260 l/min, guaranteeing optimal performance for noninvasive ventilation. You can switch between therapy options to accommodate your patient's changing needs without having to alter the equipment.

What our customers have to say about the HAMILTON-C1

Gail Spencer

Senior Respiratory Therapist

BridgePoint Hospital National Harbour, Washington D.C., USA

What surprised me the most about the HAMILTON-C1 was that the battery lasted for four hours. It made it easier to transport the patients without having to bag them and we can even take them outside.

Ricky Williams

Director of Respiratory Therapy

BridgePoint Hospital National Harbour, Washington D.C., USA

A very useful feature of the HAMILTON-C1 is definitely that we can use it as a DuoPAP. When we have to intubate a patient, we don’t have to switch out all the equipment. That is a great plus.

Heather Kelley

RRT, Manager of the Respiratory Care Department

Houston Methodist St. Catherine Hospital, Houston (TX), USA

We use the HAMILTON-C1 in our long-term acute care population. ASV decreases the time needed to wean. And the mobility of the ventilator allows us to get our patients out of bed and started down the rehab path sooner.




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Technical specifications

HAMILTON-C1 technical specifications SW2.2.x

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