The next generation of intelligent ICU ventilators

  • Independent air supply
  • Real-time synchronization with IntelliSync+
  • P/V Tool® Pro for lung assessment and recruitment
  • Transpulmonary pressure measurement
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The HAMILTON-C6 represents a new generation of high-end ventilators. The combination of modularity, ease of use, mobility, and advanced features allows you to personalize your patient's ventilation therapy.

Thanks to the slimline frame, an integrated O2 cylinder carrier, and the high-performance turbine, the HAMILTON-C6 can stay at your patient's side for intrahospital transports.


Download the free HAMILTON-C6 simulation software

The simulation software features:  

  • A fully simulated ventilator graphical user interface (GUI) with all control and alarm settings and most ventilation modes 
  • Real-time monitoring values, curves, and visualization for all relevant parameters
  • A physiological patient model including various adjustable patient conditions: normal, COPD, and ARDS
  • Monitoring parameters for the patient’s oxygenation and ventilation, including a simulated BGA

To run the software on your computer or on your iPad, use the links below.  

User instructions

Windows installer

macOSX application

Free iOS app for your iPad

Free Android app

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HAMILTON-C6 brochure USA

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Technical specifications

HAMILTON-C6 technical specifications USA

PDF / 668.6 KB



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Important note

Depending on your country, some features may be available as options, may have different specifications than described on this website, or may not be available. Contact your Hamilton Medical representative for details.